Video 18 Aug 5 notes

Foggy Morning Walk at Creamer’s Field 08/16/2014
Sandhill Cranes Migration

Video 14 Aug 3 notes

Tanana Valley Fair: Rodeo Cattle

Video 12 Aug 7 notes

Nome Creek Valley: Quartz Creek Trail
I saw a Wolf on this hike. Surprised!

Video 12 Aug 20 notes

Nome Creek Valley: Table Mountain Trail
Fairbanks Alaska

Video 2 Aug 9 notes

Albuquerque New Mexico: Old Town

Video 25 Jul 27 notes

Mesa Verde National Park

Video 16 Jul 5 notes

I found this group depressing and irritating. They were waiting for the right light, I assume. Very few people were actually taking photographs. I mentioned that the photographs might be similar to one of the participants but he said people were using different lenses. 

Video 16 Jul 2 notes

Monument Valley

Why I like National Parks and Monuments. Monument Valley does not really have a boundary between the commercial and the natural. We did not stay there long.

Video 16 Jul 7 notes

From The Car Window (Southwest USA Road Trip)

A random selection of photographs that caught my eye as we were traveling.

Video 13 Jul 12 notes

Canon de Chelly National Monument

Video 12 Jul 15 notes

Lake Powell Utah and Arizona

Video 7 Jul 3 notes

Wigwam Motel Holbrook Arizona

Video 7 Jul 2 notes

Monticello Utah

We ate Pizza here. I was fascinated but wanted to escape!

Video 1 Jul 24 notes

Denali National Park 6/28/2014

Text 27 Jun To me these photographs all suck!

To me these photographs all suck! They are over processed and excessive. If you like velvet paintings you will love these photographs.

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